Stop staring at me,,,,


That’s the look on my face right now, haven’t slept since yesterday. I had so much school work that had to be completed today. the funniest part is that, I’m as slow as a turtle when it comes to typing, but I just do it. Ok,,, I have finally got it done, making my high resolution images a bit larger. I had to change the theme for that purpose. I don’t know if I should purchase the priced themes, I don’t think I’m doing it. but hey, I’m using one of the free themes, and it looks pretty good. Actually this painting is hung on the wall in my room directly opposite of my bed, so when I wake up in the morning this little puggy pug is the first thing I see. And just before I go to bed his big bulgy eyes just keeps starring at me. So this little big eyed fellow said I should wish you all a blessed and fun filled day, and no matter what situation or problems your going through, know that God loves you.


Sleeping boats

sleeping boats

Ok this one of a kind oil painting has good memories. The original picture was taken at a water front in perthamboy Nj. The original photo was a clear dry evening, but when I painted it I had to add mist or fog to it,to give it some more faded depth. Its one of those paintings where you just chill with your pallet, brush, a good wine and some good old classical music,,, preferably in E flat, F major, C minor and G major,,,,,,, I recommend franz schubert, beethoven, chopin, and bach. Well this pic is only for prints,,, thats because I changed the tone a little bit with picassa. Tomorrow,  will upload a picture of the original painting with the original colors.

Community Pool

This is soo cool

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Can you see it?

can you see it

The lady in this seascape painting is really hot, I wouldnt leave the man behind, he was good looking too, I think “a perfect match”,,,,,,,,, while I was having a good time in bradley beach,  Asbury Park Nj, I was watching the mild waves and also trying to take photos of seagulls. I took quite a few shots including these couple. They had no idea that I took photos of them, I thought it would be cool to do a limited beach scene painting with them in it. It came out pretty good. The painting is titled; “can you see it?” ,,,,,original painting is 18″x24″ ,,size is in inches. Original painting can be purchased at and also prints are available at  I’d like to know what you think about this painting. Critics are welcome too.

lost in the city (time square)

lost in the city  This is a similar painting I did titled Lost in the City. in the previous painting, I used oil on canvas, but for this I used acrylic on canvas. The original size is 30”x40”, and the work was a bit easier to paint. Now in Manhattan, its very busy and if your new in the city, its  very easy for one to get carried away by different things and miss his/her way. This painting cearly shows a man looking up, still trying to figure his way around the busy city of New York. Actually that’s how I was when I came to New York for the first time. original paintings and prints can be purchased @

my first cityscape painting

manhattan cityscape

Normaly i’m used to painting nature landscapes, with different weather tones and values, so here’s something a little bit different, its a nice detailed painting I did about a year ago. Oil on canvas, Its from one of my photos I took with my phone in Manhattan by time square, I actually went to purchase something and didn’t take my camera with me, but hey,, my phone did the job. I live in new jersey, but some times i do go to new york to chill and for sight seeing, and when something catches my eye,, i do a little sketch or i just take a photo. Its always was a nice normal busy scenario in manhattan, so I had to take a few photos. A couple of weeks later, I decided to select one of the photos and paint it, and this one came out just right, when i was painting i pictured myself to be one ofthe pedestrians walking, so i can get the feel of the rawdy streets of manhattan. I like the way the details came out, its like each character in the painting had a mind of their own, the colors and how the skyscrapers faded into the mist. The painting depicts a busy wet day in Manhattan NY. Size is 18″x24″,,,,, Its not my best painting, but this one is pretty cool to me, even though i was lazy painting it,, more like a five day painting process. And presently, I’m working on another piece, and its more like a detailed new york skyline, I actually took the photo while I was on a dinner cruise with my girlfriend, so that woud be uploaded  after i’m done,,,,,,, but anyway, I’d like to hear your thoughts, suggestions and opinion on this painting, so what do you think?