my first cityscape painting

manhattan cityscape

Normaly i’m used to painting nature landscapes, with different weather tones and values, so here’s something a little bit different, its a nice detailed painting I did about a year ago. Oil on canvas, Its from one of my photos I took with my phone in Manhattan by time square, I actually went to purchase something and didn’t take my camera with me, but hey,, my phone did the job. I live in new jersey, but some times i do go to new york to chill and for sight seeing, and when something catches my eye,, i do a little sketch or i just take a photo. Its always was a nice normal busy scenario in manhattan, so I had to take a few photos. A couple of weeks later, I decided to select one of the photos and paint it, and this one came out just right, when i was painting i pictured myself to be one ofthe pedestrians walking, so i can get the feel of the rawdy streets of manhattan. I like the way the details came out, its like each character in the painting had a mind of their own, the colors and how the skyscrapers faded into the mist. The painting depicts a busy wet day in Manhattan NY. Size is 18″x24″,,,,, Its not my best painting, but this one is pretty cool to me, even though i was lazy painting it,, more like a five day painting process. And presently, I’m working on another piece, and its more like a detailed new york skyline, I actually took the photo while I was on a dinner cruise with my girlfriend, so that woud be uploaded  after i’m done,,,,,,, but anyway, I’d like to hear your thoughts, suggestions and opinion on this painting, so what do you think?


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