Stop staring at me,,,,


That’s the look on my face right now, haven’t slept since yesterday. I had so much school work that had to be completed today. the funniest part is that, I’m as slow as a turtle when it comes to typing, but I just do it. Ok,,, I have finally got it done, making my high resolution images a bit larger. I had to change the theme for that purpose. I don’t know if I should purchase the priced themes, I don’t think I’m doing it. but hey, I’m using one of the free themes, and it looks pretty good. Actually this painting is hung on the wall in my room directly opposite of my bed, so when I wake up in the morning this little puggy pug is the first thing I see. And just before I go to bed his big bulgy eyes just keeps starring at me. So this little big eyed fellow said I should wish you all a blessed and fun filled day, and no matter what situation or problems your going through, know that God loves you.


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