The Back View (figurative abstract)


Hi everyone, here’s the photo of the day. I just completed this work, and its time for a glass of wine. well its a 30×48 inches Acrylic on canvas painting. But there is something different about this painting. I decided to try out the “liquitex pouring medium”, and I loved the outcome. Something that I have never tried before. You can notice the effect on her hair as it pours down. I also applied it to the platform where she sits on, giving it this contemporary feel. Its pretty cool, and I recommend it to any artist out there. Try it, you might just fall in love with it, especially if your into abstract art. What was going through my mind when I was painting this piece? some people may ask. well I like nature, I imitate nature in different ways and this is one of them. It is also a note in form of a painting to appreciate women as a Gift from God, therefore I appreciate the human body as a form of art. My nude paintings are done in realism or hyper realism style. This figurative painting is actually the first abstract nude painting, but there would be more to come soon. I’m really having fun doing this. I have a cropped photo which I already uploaded online, mainly for print sales. Here’s what it looks like;


The Original art work is available also. I would like to hear your opinion and thoughts on this, “cropped or uncropped”. critics, advices, and questions are all welcomed.


A close-up photo of the hair done with the poring medium.


16 thoughts on “The Back View (figurative abstract)

    • thanks, yes, when I cropped it, I thought to myself, why didn’t I think of painting it to fit the whole canvas like the cropped version. Maybe I should paint a second one just like that.


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