Red Bottoms



Its been like two weeks or more since i posted something, well my hands have been working on cool stuffs. The last post i did was about experimenting on two mediums, but i only uploaded the pictures of one medium which is the “Pouring Medium”. Well this is the second medium, and it’s done with acrylic and “string-Gel” on stretched canvas. Its really cool and has this high elastic string-like flow to it and has a glossy look when it’s dry. I was thinking of adding the same effect to the background, but i don’t know how it’s going to look. It might still look good, but its always good to hear from people, so i would like to know your thoughts on this. Also, this art is available at my online store at


10 thoughts on “Red Bottoms

  1. I love and enjoyed looking at your painting ‘Red Bottoms’. I think the texture and pattern using the string gel has worked fantastically well.

    My eye goes straight to the red reflection, shoes and then the legs. I immediately feel the texture in the image, which makes this painting very pleasing to the eye, as it holds my attention and gaze for quite sometime.

    I think if you applied the same technique to the background it may become too distracting within the image, then the focal point of the shoes and reflection would lose its impact upon the viewer.


    • Thanks clare, I’m glad the painting was able to comunicate to you through your eyes and mind. Your opinion on leaveing the background the way it is has alread been taken into concideration. You know whats funny? This artwork is a first time trial of the string gel medium, and its unfinished, I took this painting with some other paintings to an art exhibition in bayonne Nj, people loved it and kept on starring at the “Red Bottoms” art work. So I concidered it as a finished-unfinished art, that word sounds funny though. To crown it all, I was aworded the artist of the year that same day.

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  2. Hi Ikenna, I first want to thank you, for taking the time to read my blog post. Second, I think you are very talented. In regards to the “Red Bottoms” there is so much texture within this painting that it is really hard to focus on just one spot. I mean this in a good way! I really like the legs and the way the textured stockings blends perfectly with the shoe’s black color and texture, then BAM! A pop of red. It’s a girl thing!

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