New York Skyline Oil Painting Time Lapse

The painting time lapse.

What am i working on? well here it is: i put together a new video on you tube, its a time lapse oil painting video fast-forwarded by 35x. I used a sony alpha A3000 camera to do the shooting, its for a little while before i upgrade to something much more better. I was very excited when i finally downloaded the windows media player on my laptop (Acer aspire R11). Its a small laptop i started using for blogging, typing and small tasks it came with the new windows 10, so i had to download some sort of video editor because it had non. Well, it was a success. A lot of people do painting videos, so i decided to try it out. Its my first video and i know i will improve on lighting and the video quality as time goes on. Also feel free to throw in suggestions and opinions..