Hi everyone, it’s really been a while since i updated my Blog, i have been busy with a lot of things, but that’s fine. This is a 36×48 inches oil painting. It’s titled “Embracing a Moment of Solitude” It first started as a nude study of a pretty woman sitting in a state of silence and peace of mind. After a while i decided to alter the background a little.At this point she is quiet while series of thoughts are going through her mind…. About three weeks later, i stood from a far distance and looked at the painting, and asked myself, what would it look like if i add a few butterflies to the painting? So i went ahead and added them. At the end of the day i loved how it came out, not bad after all. It felt like that final touch. Please feel free to comment, also, critics are welcomed too. Like and enjoy. Also, this painting is available at my online store at http://artbyikenna.storenvy.com



  1. Love it, your painting has a very medatative quality about it.. The butterflies only enhance that feeling.. You should be pleased with the results.. Its a stunning piece of art..
    Regards Sue


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