Chocolate Melanin Caramel,,,,,, “Aphrodisiac” ,,,,she’s a candy. At first when i did this, it was nothing more than a beautiful figurative painting. A month later i did a little sketch while having a few shots of wine, i was a little bit tipsy and slept off. After a little while, i woke up looking at this painting directly in front of me. Mind you, my eyes were still sleepy and unclear. But for some reason, i thought the woman in the painting was real , it looked like she winked at me and moved her lips like she whispered something. It just didn’t feel right, so i had to wipe my eyes to see clearly. A of course its the same old painting, so i laughed at myself and said “so this wine made me think my painting was flirting with me”. The moral of this short story is that sometimes it takes a certain situation to determine a perfect name and meaning to certain works of art. Have a blessed day people.The original painting is available at my online store at http://artbyikenna.storenvy.com


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