Its her first time to pose for a nude painting. A beautiful chocolate with a taste of sweetness, yet she tends to be shy. I did enjoy doing this work, lots of laughter and jokes. She was trying her best to stay still, but she kept giggling.  I painted this recently. I think the red light bouncing on her from the side and also her jewelries was  a good idea, because the model did not have any. Some additions are worth it.  I also spent about 7 hours doing this work, and of course with short breaks and wine in between each break. It’s a  36×48 inches oil painting. Hope you like it. The painting is available at my online store at




Hi everyone, it’s really been a while since i updated my Blog, i have been busy with a lot of things, but that’s fine. This is a 36×48 inches oil painting. It’s titled “Embracing a Moment of Solitude” It first started as a nude study of a pretty woman sitting in a state of silence and peace of mind. After a while i decided to alter the background a little.At this point she is quiet while series of thoughts are going through her mind…. About three weeks later, i stood from a far distance and looked at the painting, and asked myself, what would it look like if i add a few butterflies to the painting? So i went ahead and added them. At the end of the day i loved how it came out, not bad after all. It felt like that final touch. Please feel free to comment, also, critics are welcomed too. Like and enjoy. Also, this painting is available at my online store at

Whats on My Easel?

Compliments of the season, I’m still feeling the new year. The winter chills just kicked in and its weird that we haven’t had any snow in New Jersey yet. Maybe i should do a painting titled “Winter Chills”, that idea just came to me while i was writing this, i might just consider it. So i have been busy lately, and haven’t really played with my paint and brushes, but at the moment I’m working on something ……


At the moment its an untitled seascape/landscape painting, and i am using oils for this work, its almost finished though, i just need to do a few more touches and call it a day. So in a day or two, i will be uploading the finished piece. While I’m still working on it, critics are welcomed and also suggestions are very much welcomed too.

New York Skyline Oil Painting Time Lapse

The painting time lapse.

What am i working on? well here it is: i put together a new video on you tube, its a time lapse oil painting video fast-forwarded by 35x. I used a sony alpha A3000 camera to do the shooting, its for a little while before i upgrade to something much more better. I was very excited when i finally downloaded the windows media player on my laptop (Acer aspire R11). Its a small laptop i started using for blogging, typing and small tasks it came with the new windows 10, so i had to download some sort of video editor because it had non. Well, it was a success. A lot of people do painting videos, so i decided to try it out. Its my first video and i know i will improve on lighting and the video quality as time goes on. Also feel free to throw in suggestions and opinions..

Red Bottoms



Its been like two weeks or more since i posted something, well my hands have been working on cool stuffs. The last post i did was about experimenting on two mediums, but i only uploaded the pictures of one medium which is the “Pouring Medium”. Well this is the second medium, and it’s done with acrylic and “string-Gel” on stretched canvas. Its really cool and has this high elastic string-like flow to it and has a glossy look when it’s dry. I was thinking of adding the same effect to the background, but i don’t know how it’s going to look. It might still look good, but its always good to hear from people, so i would like to know your thoughts on this. Also, this art is available at my online store at

The Back View (figurative abstract)


Hi everyone, here’s the photo of the day. I just completed this work, and its time for a glass of wine. well its a 30×48 inches Acrylic on canvas painting. But there is something different about this painting. I decided to try out the “liquitex pouring medium”, and I loved the outcome. Something that I have never tried before. You can notice the effect on her hair as it pours down. I also applied it to the platform where she sits on, giving it this contemporary feel. Its pretty cool, and I recommend it to any artist out there. Try it, you might just fall in love with it, especially if your into abstract art. What was going through my mind when I was painting this piece? some people may ask. well I like nature, I imitate nature in different ways and this is one of them. It is also a note in form of a painting to appreciate women as a Gift from God, therefore I appreciate the human body as a form of art. My nude paintings are done in realism or hyper realism style. This figurative painting is actually the first abstract nude painting, but there would be more to come soon. I’m really having fun doing this. I have a cropped photo which I already uploaded online, mainly for print sales. Here’s what it looks like;


The Original art work is available also. I would like to hear your opinion and thoughts on this, “cropped or uncropped”. critics, advices, and questions are all welcomed.


A close-up photo of the hair done with the poring medium.

Stop staring at me,,,,


That’s the look on my face right now, haven’t slept since yesterday. I had so much school work that had to be completed today. the funniest part is that, I’m as slow as a turtle when it comes to typing, but I just do it. Ok,,, I have finally got it done, making my high resolution images a bit larger. I had to change the theme for that purpose. I don’t know if I should purchase the priced themes, I don’t think I’m doing it. but hey, I’m using one of the free themes, and it looks pretty good. Actually this painting is hung on the wall in my room directly opposite of my bed, so when I wake up in the morning this little puggy pug is the first thing I see. And just before I go to bed his big bulgy eyes just keeps starring at me. So this little big eyed fellow said I should wish you all a blessed and fun filled day, and no matter what situation or problems your going through, know that God loves you.

Sleeping boats

sleeping boats

Ok this one of a kind oil painting has good memories. The original picture was taken at a water front in perthamboy Nj. The original photo was a clear dry evening, but when I painted it I had to add mist or fog to it,to give it some more faded depth. Its one of those paintings where you just chill with your pallet, brush, a good wine and some good old classical music,,, preferably in E flat, F major, C minor and G major,,,,,,, I recommend franz schubert, beethoven, chopin, and bach. Well this pic is only for prints,,, thats because I changed the tone a little bit with picassa. Tomorrow,  will upload a picture of the original painting with the original colors.

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